Monday, October 11, 2010

We tied the knot!

The goal was to get married and it seemed like it might not least according to my well thought out plan. ;) Our wedding coordinator fell through and I kept telling myself, as long as we make it to the altar, the goal has been reached. Little did I know that the minister was an hour late (he was supposed to be there at 2pm) due to parade-related traffic in San Francisco. I had already had a stressful morning and everyone was walking around eggshells trying to protect me from the hiccups that always happen at a wedding until the very last five minutes before he actually showed up. But in the end, we tied the knot (Reverend Wilson outdid himself and delivered a truly meaningful sermon and our friend Jeremy wrote a personal "reading" for us that made me cry. What struck me was how there was so much love in the air from all our friends and family. We have a truly special community that surrounds us.

The photos by Davina + Daniel aren't in yet, but our friend, Jason Chong, took really awesome photos! He's got a great eye. :)

Photo by Jason Chong
Photo by Jason Chong

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redwhitebride said...

Congrats, mrs! Welcome to the club :)

Vera D. said...

Thanks, Mrs. RWB!!

My Dream Ring said...

CONGRATS!!! You were stunning :)

Sarah said...


James said...

Congrats! I'm planning on getting married here in April! The church photo is lovely. Its a shame the big bald dude was rude enough to wear sunglasses on his head. Kinda spoils the shot!

Karen said...

Beautiful, wedding day twin! I will be stalking - err - watching your blog for recaps!

Marty J. Christopher said...

Congrats...a bit late, but nonetheless, CONGRATS! Now, I'm going to go catch up...I'm so behind on my blogs!! Grrr!

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