Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Inspiration #34: Love...Tennis Style

{Tennis hotties, Marat Safin and Tommy Haas | Out in Hollywood}

I'm an avid tennis player and can't go a week without playing. My tennis association used to run a "Wood and White" tournament, an homage to the golden years of tennis, when white was the only color you could wear and wooden tennis racquets were in vogue. I'm such a big fan of tennis that I secretly wanted to have a vintage "Wood and White" wedding of my own. What would it look like? Here's some inspiration from the talented gals at Lollipop Event & Design (photos from their Bubbles, Baubles and Breasts charity event) if you want a unique spin:
{Bubbles, Baubles and Breasts | I Love Lolliblog}

For your sweet tooth, you can try this green lattice cake or a meringue topiary:
{Green Lattice Cake | The Party Dress}

{Meringue Topiary from Domino Mag | The Succulent Wife}

Finally, check out this cute tennis dress from Stella McCartney, perfect for a laidback, sporty wedding that you can pair with Stuart Weitzman's Sashay peeptoes:
{Stella McCartney Tennis Dress $160 | Sugar High | PopSugar}

{Stuart Weitzman Sashay Peeptoes $165 | Zappos}

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