Friday, October 30, 2009

Etsy Loves Grooms

Being the budget bride that I am, I've been hopping on the contest bandwagon to cut costs on some major things, such as photography and save-the-dates. Our latest triumph was winning Soiree Design's giveaway from a cigar company. Eventually, my fiance and I came out on top with nearly 90 votes! (My friend, Evan, teased me that I'll end up on Oprah as the "girl who won her whole life!") Thanks to everyone who voted. Now that I've secured cigars for my honey, what else would work for a groom's gift?

I LOVE this from Droplet Studio on

or YougNeek's vintage mini-lighter:

2 love notes:

design gal said...

okay, these are so cool!

just found your blog and love it!

Vera D. said...

Thanks for stopping by, design gal! I added you to my blogroll, I love your blog too!

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