Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Escort Card Tips

Escort cards, place cards....what's the difference?

If you are planning to assign seats for your guests, you'll need a place card at their seat and table setting. If you're not assigning seats but assigning a guest to a certain table, then use an escort card.

It's best to start making your escort and placec ards once you've finalized the final guest list. 

Here are a few tips for preparing them together for the big day:
1) Save time and money by using one escort card per couple (assuming they're at the same table).
2) Decide how formal you want to address the guest: Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Or Bob and Sally Smith?
3) Alphabetize the escort cards by last name and provide your event coordinator with a complete guest list and table assignments.
4) Ensure you have a large enough table to display, typically a 6-ft banquet table suffices for 150 or less plus a centerpiece on the table. 
5) If you have more than one banquet table and want to spread out the escort cards, help your guests find their name by using signs in frames that indicate "A - D" and so on.
6) If you're giving guests a choice on their entree (meat, fish or vegetarian), determine whether you'll differentiate the options via different colored paper, stamps, ribbons or other adornments. Be mindful -- don't put stamps on the back of a place card or escort card. The server needs to be able to see it clearly and quickly, and possibly in low lighting.

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