Thursday, June 10, 2010

I've got a confession

My friends know from my Facebook posts, but yes, I've joined George Costanza: I'm officially on a Jenny Craig program (note that I didn't say diet). I know how to eat sensibly but I'm either lazy (or "busy") and just don't do it.

I finally just got fed up! I was good in December and tried a clean eating thing and joined Ironworks, but I was still overeating, succumbing to delicious BBQ and fresh-baked bread, etc despite the workouts.

So I decided to go with Jenny Craig because you have to buy their meals -- which consist of microwaveable meals and some packaged foods. I spend about $120 a week, which is how much I was already spending eating out. I have to supplement their meals with fresh fruit, veggies and salads. No big secret. Surprisingly, drinking milk also makes me feel less hungry (and water too, go figure).

Since I started two weeks ago, I shed about 8 pounds -- mostly water weight. My stomach's already less bloated and more flat than it's been in years. I haven't hit Ironworks since I got sick with a bad cold last month, nor the tennis courts since I got a bad case of tennis elbow, BUT I've been doing my Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout and hiking a great deal. Tonight, I walked/jogged 15,891 steps on the Sequoia Trail in the hills near our house with Munch (I guess I have to multiply that by 4 for him, poor little guy). I'm loving it!
I meet one-on-one with a Jenny Craig counselor once a week when I go in to pick up my food. Until I hit my halfway goal weight, I'll stay on their planned menu program (usually 4-8 weeks). I've got 17 weeks left to the big day.

Can't wait to strike one of these poses. Go George!

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Karen {Serving 39 to Wife} said...

You go, Vera! Do what you must to be healthy and happy.

As a fellow 10.10 bride, I'm on the road to shedding 10 by 10.10 (Actually, by 9/10 and my last fitting).

Anonymous said...

My mom did Jenny Craig years ago and was very successful (kept it off for about five years) until she got sick.

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