Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How to hide your arms

I've lost about 14-15 pounds so far but I've still got the jiggly arms since I haven't been doing weight training consistently. My dress is strapless and I'm worrying about the chicken cutlets that threaten to hang out over the sides of my dress. Eeks!!!

Uptown Urban Craft to the rescue! For $74, I can get this cute bolero in taffeta and choose from seven colors. Unfortunately, teal or orange aren't among the choices (mostly pastel), but I suppose the brown will go best with my champagne colored dress.

Another one that's really sweet is this art noveau inspired number, called La Belle Epoque.

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Genevieve said...

Make sure you get something really lightweight. I barely wore my jacket b/c I was so hot and sweaty! All of the guests were complaining they were too cold though. I went with long sleeves b/c I was paranoid that it might be really cold out but it wasn't!

Bicoastal Bride said...

I love boleros and cardigans, which I live in year-round. I hear you, too, because I just recently became confident enough to wear strapless styles. It took tons of hard work, but keep it up and you'll reach your goal!

Anonymous said...

I got a really rad black bolero, covered in rosettes. Goes great with my black shoes and tea-length dress. At my fitting, my seamstress made me pose for a cell phone pic, she loved the look so much! Here's the bolero - at Saks http://ow.ly/2rzvY

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