Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reason #13 why I love him

He mops in his undies.

I came home from a late night meeting to find Guitar Fred rocking to an Adam Ant song in his undies while mopping the floor. He had no idea I had come home. I watched him for a few seconds, totally amused and thrilled he had taken the initiative. Plus, he looked so darn cute! And the floor looked great too.

Next, he gave our dog, Munch, a bath. Meanwhile, I stepped into the kitchen, I saw that the dishes were done...and he even picked up my dry cleaning.

Looks like our pre-marital counseling sessions with the Rev have been rubbing off on him? ;)

Or maybe he's just begun to pick up on learning my "love language." See #13 at 40 Signs You're in a Healthy Relationship.

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Jay said...

You're so awesome!
This site was addicting - I just spent my shift skimming the entire thing!
My sister is marrying 5 days after you are and I've done so many projects for her along the way that this blog is really hitting everything home!

Meg said...

I just started reading The 5 Love Languages and I'm loving it! I just hope I can get FI to read it too.

Vera D. said...

Aww, thanks Jay!! Best wishes to your sister. What projects have you do for her? Meg, which language do you think your FI shows you? And you to him? I was so intrigued!

Cindysue said...

was it "strip" by Adam Ant? LOL

BTW, how much does a DOC cost these days?

Vera D. said...

Cindy, my rates are pretty reasonable ($800-900) but most DOC charge $1,00-1,500.

And, no he wasn't mop-dancing to "Strip." heheh >:)

Cindysue said...

thanks V! Probably not in the budget for me but something to think about :)


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