Saturday, March 20, 2010

How rude!

Just saw this post on Wedding Wire
Sorry for this mini rant, but has anyone else had any problems with some vendors on here being very rude?
I put out a "match me" for reception location only (catering was to be separate), and one vendor declined and then bitched at me, telling me not to send out low budget leads.


I'm sorry I have a budget, all you have to do is decline and then say "not a good match" instead of saying in a round about way that I'm a cheapskate! 
Posted On: Mar 7, 2010 at 6:20 PM
Here's another one from the Wedding Bee boards:
We attended the Bridal Extravaganza a few months after booking our venue.  Since our venue package included our cakes from a vendor, we went over to her booth and introduced ourselves.  She was RUDE!  Horribly rude and acted as if we were wasting her time.  The sad part was that we didn't even ask any questions or really take any of her time.  We decided that she won't get a PENNY of extra money from our package.  I'm dragging my feet on booking our appointment with her.  Even though her attitude is bad, her work is beautiful. At least the cake will be pretty! Querida    10*10*10   Sugar Land, TX
It boggles my mind that a vendor in the wedding SERVICE industry would even consider acting impatient, condescending, and pushy.

Have you had any encounters with rude vendors? Would you still book them because their work is stellar, despite their dismal client relation skills?

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Cupcake Wedding said...

Yes, these vendors are assholes, especially if you aren't willing to drop a pretty penny. What is up with that?

Bicoastal Bride said...

We’ve been really lucky, and all the vendors we’ve worked with have been great, although the coordinator at our venue is a bit slow to respond to my questions. But I would never hire a vendor who was in any way rude or unprofessional. In my job, I go the extra mile to provide stellar customer service, and I expect that from others, too, especially if they want my money! Too many vendors act like they’re doing clients a favor by working with them, when in reality, it’s the other way around.

redwhitebride said...

none so far. we've been lucky.

Elise said...

I made a trip 3hrs away to go to a wedding show with my bride (I'm one of her 6 bridesmaids). One of her possible venues invited us to the show and I made a special trip to be there. When we got to the show we were told that we'd have to pay $75 to get in. The venue vendor (who hadn't even know about the cover charge otherwise would have told us) came out and tried to reason with the women running the show and told them how I'd come from so far just to do this with my bride. There was a group of 5 of us and the "best they could do" was let me and the bride in for $75 and send the rest of the girls to sit at the bar and wait for us.

The venue vendor apologized profusely and bent over backwards to make it up to my bride by giving her countless discounts to her proposed reception package. But we never got in to see the show because they just wouldn't budge on the ridiculous price.

I couldn't believe that it was the "best they could do" to offer us a buy one get one and send the rest of the bridesmaids to the bar. To me it was their mistake that they hadn't given all the proper information to the vendors at the show and they should have just let us in. It's poor practice to punish the customer and I definitely won't ever go to any of that company's shows ever again, nor will I purchase any of their products. I was just so appalled by the way they treated us.

The venue on the other hand were fantastic and I feel they would have treated us well if my bride had chosen to go with them.

Vera D. said...

Wow, thanks for sharing the good, bad and ugly!

I've been lucky that all the non-friend vendors we've hired have been great so far -- extremely patient and easygoing.

I did run into a couple vendors over the weekend at a wedding who were snippy to other vendors and even snapped at friends of the bride. Egads!

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