Wednesday, March 3, 2010


 {Moi and Guitar Fred...aww!}

Last Friday, Guitar Fred and I met up with Rev. Mauricio Wilson, our officiant, at St. Paul's Episcopal to take PREPARE/ENRICH, a 165-question assessment (basically a scantron) of what we think of each other and our roles and duties to each other. I heard from a friend that she and her husband took theirs in separate rooms, but Rev. Wilson trusted us to take ours in the same room as long as we didn't look at each other answers.

We had to rate how strongly we agreed or disagreed to statements such as, "I think the wife should take the main responsibility for chores." or "When my partner touches me, I think they are making a sexual advance." (Sorry, those are the ones I remembered!)

Rev. Wilson mailed off our responses and now we're awaiting the results. We'll spend the next 6 months leading up to October 10 working on areas of improvement, such as communication, conflict resolution, sexuality, finances and spiritual beliefs. I am wondering what ours will be. I have to admit I glanced over at Guitar Fred's scantron and he rarely put down a strongly agree or strongly disagree, whereas I did. This won't make or break us, just make us stronger, right? ;)

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Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

We took the same test! Only we took it online in our own homes and then the results were sent to our pastor. We scored really well in communication and fairly well in conflict resolution which our pastor said are the two most important things to him. Our lowest score was in the finance area. We later talked about why we scored so low and Mr Fix It admitted to some concerns he had and things he said but he said that after seeing how we've been doing with the wedding budget and such, he doesn't have as many concerns anymore and he fully trusts me to handle all our finances :)

I thought some of the questions were really great and I wish you are able to see more specifically how you each answered...we did get a few areas that were more specific to discuss. Good stuff. I think it's great you are doing this!

rachel said...

Yeah, we took the same test. Don't worry...even if your answers are different they'll still let you get married ;-) You already know each other pretty well, and what some scantron test tells you won't change that! It gave us some areas to discuss and watch out for...for example, when we took it, we hadn't really discussed money or finances, and had some different ideas about how to handle them. When we started talking about it, we realized that our ideas were similar (we both want budgets to keep track of our money, neither one of us has or wants debt), but we had different ways of approaching it. Now, we've had several conversations about it (some in premarital counseling, some spontaneously), and we feel like we're much more on the same page!

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