Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Me on E! House of Brides?

I know we're all wary about Craigslist -- it's good for finding a free couch, but not so good for finding a date (believe me, stay away from it). A couple years back, I answered a vague Craigslist ad in the "gigs" section looking for people who wanted to be audience members for a cooking show. It sounded fun, so I emailed the anonymous email address and a week later I found myself on Bobby Flay's Throwdown (yep, that's the back of his head, haha).

So when I saw an ad for House of Brides on Craigslist, I applied just for fun. The premise of the show is that you compete with other brides for the wedding of your dreams and a chance to get an "amazing" makeover by a celebrity stylist, doctor, makeup artist -- whatever you decide you want done for your big day. 

I didn't hear anything back for a few weeks and I started to get worried that some prince in Nigeria had all the details on my wedding dreams.

But instead, the casting associate emailed and called me to schedule a meeting in San Francisco -- today! I had to complete an 8-page questionnaire in advance. Some of the questions included how do I picture myself on my wedding, would I be willing to change my date for the sake of filming (no! 10/10/10 will never happen ever again), how competitive are you, what do you want done for your wedding (plastic surgery was one of the choices) and describe your dream wedding if money were no object.

I won't tell you my answers just yet. Not until I hear yay or nay from the casting director. I better run now or I'll be late!
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