Monday, June 1, 2009

Inspiration #19: Cake Toppers!

"When Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert in 1840, her wedding cake was reputed to have been 300 pounds, nine feet in circumference and topped with an ice sculpture of Britannia surrounded by cupids," says Maria McBride, wedding style director for Brides magazine. "As news spread in the popular women's magazines of the day about the royal wedding, royal wannabes copied the style of the regal cakes and topped their cakes with sentimental novelties." Read more: "Cake-topper couples poised to reign again"

While the average cake costs $543, you can spend next to nothing (use your parents') to $40 (the precious wooden "Kokeshi" ones above are from temple7e on for a cake topper. An alternative to the cake topper (usually plastic, wood or polymer) is the icington (see below from, a French sugar version.

Lime Green Vintage Cake Topper by Miss Avocado

Ram Groom + Sheep Bride by PassionArte

For a bit of elegance, you can stick with DIY monogram (starting at $16.80 unadorned) and adorn with rhinestones. Order from>>

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Carrie Ann said...

i love wooden cake toppers. they're beautiful.

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