Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Freebies: Western Fonts & Vintage Labels

Goldrush is one of my favorite fonts these days, and I found a free download of it along with other Western style fonts on the Vintage Glam blog! Yee haw! See below for links.

Here's another freebie from Heirloom Paperie:

I also earned a spot on the David Clay Diamond Dash this Friday. Since Fred has to gig at a wedding, my maid of honor will be my dash partner! Basically the way it'll work is that we'll get a clue on our cell phones, such as "Jack & Jill went up Telegraph Hill and came upon this landmark." You text "Coit Tower" and then we'll receive directions to go to Coit and text the 20th word on the plaque at the tower. A correct answer will give us the next clue. It's like the Amazing Race, except within San Francisco's 7x7. Wish us luck.

Western Fonts: Download now>>
You're Invited: Download now>>

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