Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Inspiration #22: The DIY Photo Booth

One of the coolest Halloween parties I've ever been to was one that my friend, Jeremy, threw for the Ghetto Gourmet. What made it so fun was that it featured a Photoboof, where guests could go in and take wacky photos and the images were immediately projected on a huge wall while at the same time a keepsake strip was produced, like you would get at an old timey arcade. Renting a Photoboof is really expensive ($1,000+) but you can definitely create your own photo area using a homemade backdrop, a tripod/digital camera, and lighting.

You probably can't nail/tack anything at your wedding venue, but what you can do is rent professional photographer's C-stand ($4-5 day at Calumet) and muslin ($25). Set up a couple c-stands to create your "wall" for the backdrop. You can also custom make a backdrop using muslin and painting it yourself. Position your tripod and camera with a few props and voila! You've made yourself a photo studio, like the kind you had at prom.

Check out how Jose Goleman's bride and groom pulled off a Georgia carnival wedding and this old-fashioned photo setup>>

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