Wednesday, December 16, 2009

DIY envelopes for our save-the-dates

To save $200 on envelopes for our save-the-dates, we designed our own. Our materials included: 100 kraft envelopes ($19,, a bird motif acrylic rubber stamp ($3.49, Target) and "Love" motif wood-rubber stamp ($1, Michael's), teal embossing ink powder ($3.49, Michael's), silver embossing ink pad ($3.99, Michael's) and an embossing fan ($24.99, Michael's).

This comes to about $0.56 per finished and designed envelope.

Here are the steps I took:

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Tenille said...

embossing scares me but i am liking this so far. yay for DIY.

Jennifer said...

u r so cute. i showed randyn how u not only made these but documented everything, too. u should seriously do this for a living. watch out martha.

PassionArte said...

A good and cute idea!

birthday girl said...

you did an amazing job on these! if you ever want help on a project like this let me know (seriously!). i love this stuff.

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