Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tied up.

Guitar Fred and I spent Monday night shopping -- not his favorite past time but it was all about him. After he spent 1.5 hrs buying a new pair of shoes (80% off of $169 -- good boy!), I dragged him to the Men's Wearhouse in the same shopping center to look at tux rentals (prices range from $89 to $150). MW has a deal that if 4 groomsmen rent a tux or suit, the groom's tux will be free OR if 5 groomsmen rent, the groom gets a $400 credit towards a brand new tux or suit. Guitar Fred liked the latter option, but we only have 4 groomsmen.

{Above: The styles Guitar Fred liked at Men's Wearhouse. Source:}

He is going to ask the guys if they can wear their own black suits and we'll provide the ties. I'm not too keen on that since I had my heart set on him wearing either chocolate brown or gray, but I understand that since most of his 3 out of 4 of the groomsmen are flying in from the East Coast, we should watch costs. None of the ties at MW were agreeable to me -- the blues weren't peacock blue enough, and the orange selection was limited. A search on Google didn't turn up much. Then I went to and I found some possibilities, including an ascot (which midway through writing this post, he says he doesn't like.). I also liked the selection my sister's wedding photographer, Ann Hamilton, posted on her blog.

Short of heading to the stores, do you have any suggestions for finding stylish striped silk ties for under $40 online?


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Giovanna said...

i like the guy's getup in the top picture. i also like the skinny solid blue tie.

Vera D. said...

Giovanna, thanks for the input. I like the dark brown with the blue too.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Eck, don't even ask me about ties and tuxes right now. This was a huge headache for us when we went into Men's Wearhouse mid-December. A post on this is forthcoming this Saturday - stay tuned. I like your ideas...Bummer about not being able to get the original getup you had hoped for but understandable with trying to save on costs. Everything is a compromise, isn't it?

Vera D. said...

I can't wait to read what you have in store on Saturday! I met with a bride today and she mentioned Nordstrom is having its semi-annual men's sale and that we could get a sweet deal on a men's suit. We might just have Guitar Fred go with his own getup and the men in black -- no pun intended. :) Happy New Year, Mrs. Beever.

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