Thursday, December 3, 2009

Inspiration #48: The Wedding Program

It was nice to be home for Thanksgiving. My mom and I looked at my parents' wedding photos (circa 1976) and it inspired me to think of ways we could honor our parents for our wedding. One way would be with the wedding program. The is a great resource for finding wedding program inspiration -- see below for some that caught my eye. I think we're going to definitely put Martha Stewart's paper punch to work for the edges, and find a way to either make the program one page or reusable (e.g. fan).

Also, here's a great resource on what information to include in your wedding program.

A sampling of wedding program designs:


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Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Oh so great. That first one is so fun! I did in fact check out the knot for program inspiration. Ultimately, I went with a program design from the woman who is custom making our invites and all our stationery. She has these very cool 'fan' programs. They are 5 pages total with a cover, but the pages fan out and are tied together with a ribbon. That is one of my upcoming things to focus on :) Can't wait to see what you come up with.

New Mexican Bride said...

So cute!

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