Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Blue Beat

We had a late night call with the leader of the trio performing for our wedding last night to confirm the details (what they're playing, contract, etc). 

Live music just adds a great ambiance to any event and I'm glad we're able to afford Quinn DeVeaux and the Blue Beat Review. Because of the sound restrictions at our venue (no amplification!), Quinn won't be backed by his normal 7-piece band, but he will be singing and playing guitar and accompanied by a pianist and upright bassist. 

Their sound is upbeat 60-70s blues with a dash of gospel, soul and rock. Quinn and the trio will perform original music as well as some standards. Check 'em out online or else at a club in the Bay Area.

Quinn Deveaux @ Chasing The Moon 9.04.09 from Scott McDowell on Vimeo.

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Rica Chica said...

Hi there. I was interested in maybe hiring Quinn Deveaux. Do you mind if I ask how much he charged at the time and for how many hours?

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