Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Great Veil Debate

Must I wear a veil? I'm looking at our budget and I can't justify spending $25-200 on a veil that I'll wear for 45 minutes (the duration of our ceremony). And what our officiant told us echoes in my mind: "Do what is meaningful to you, don't do what you think you have to because of tradition."

According to Wikipedia, "brides used to wear their hair flowing down their back at their wedding to symbolise their virginity, now the white diaphanous veil is often said to represent this."

Umm...that doesn't apply to me. ;) As I'm sure for you!

I'm more excited about fascinators than I am the veil. They're flirty and pretty.

Pegasus Maiden gave me a sneak peek of the one you all helped me choose. I think it's great on its own and it cost less than $30 including shipping!

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cubes & Eden said...

I faced the same dilemma - veil, hat, or fascinator. In the end, my love of hats won out. A friend is designing/making the hat which will have a removable birdcage veil. You seem much more excited about the fascinator so go with that. Don't do something you're not feeling - it isn't worth it!

redwhitebride said...

i had the same issue. i didn't want to wear a veil but my hubby wanted me to. so i went to the extreme with a cathedral length mantilla for the ceremony. i totally loved it! try different options and go with one you're most comfortable with. good luck!

Giovanna said...

i so didn't want to wear a veil, but my grandma nearly had a fit, so i obliged and took it off after our 15 minute ceremony! i feel better about spending the money now that i'm letting my friend borrow it though, so it gets double use.

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