Thursday, June 9, 2011

My pics of the week: e-sessions that rock

As I mentioned before, Pinterest is one rad tool  for curating and sharing all the pretty things you find online!

I decided to look up some of the photographers I love working with and see what they have been up to recently. Here's a peek of some photos I added to my "E-sessions that rock" board.

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Aren't they the cat's meow? Photo by Jerry Yoon Photography (c) 2011

Rain didn't stop them from having a great e-session. Photo by Jerry Yoon (c) 2011
This gal's dress is sweet! Photo by Andi Hatch Photography (c) 2011
Eat, love, play. How did the bride jump in those heels? Photo by Dorothy Hatchel (c) 2011

Beautiful shot in this spiral staircase. Photo by W Photography (c) 2011

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Love Your Way said...

i love that picture on the dock with the balloons! great picks, lady!

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