Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Inspiration #11: Escort Cards with Flair

(Photo above taken by me at the SF Opera's President's Dinner, designed by Karman Pave.)
Ahh, escort cards. They are the means by which your guests will know which table they are to be seated at. It's best to organize alphabetically so that guests can find their names easily and quickly without causing a bottleneck at the front door to your reception. If you choose to do it by table, remember to print an alpha list (i.e., Brown, Robert - Table 1; Zuleta, Ana - Table 2; etc) so that guests or ushers can locate the table assignment without a hitch.

Below are some cool ideas to jazzing up the escort card display, versus the standard "lay them out on a table" approach. If you want to learn how The Urban Bride embossed her own escort cards for $35, click here>>

A Stunning Affair:

Wedding by Color

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