Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inspiration #4: Guestbook Tree

October is not a great time to get a hold of apricot or cherry blossom branches in bloom, but I can find manzanita branches for about $12.99 each, or perhaps my neighbor, the landscape architect, across the street might be able to donate branches he's pruned to me. If so, my costs will really be for the ribbon (I will head to the East Bay Center for Re-Use or Discount Fabrics on Ashby Avenue). Using wallpaper samples might add to its eclecticism.

Here's the rest of the article from the DIY Blog by
It's easy to create this look on your own -- all you need are potted flower branches and pretty cards for guests to write on.

Cherry, apple or peach blossom or magnolia branches will work well for this. You could also try manzanita or curly willow branches, which look pretty on their own or with cymbidium or dendrobium orchids or carnations wired on. Set pens and a stack of cards with ribbons for hanging nearby, and you're all set!

We love the idea of asking guests to write their specific wishes or advice for you on the cards rather than simply signing their names and writing a generic congratulatory message. After your wedding, collect the cards in a nice chest or box for the perfect keepsake.

Image: Sara Remington/Anna Kuperberg Photography

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