Thursday, September 10, 2009

Inspiration #36: Guitar Pick Boutonierre

I've been meaning to make boutonierres for my fiance and his groomsmen. He's a musician and so are his buddies, so it's only natural that I create guitar pick boutonierres. Where a rosebud would normally go, I'm hot-gluing a guitar ornament! My inspiration comes from Fritts Rosenow (of San Francisco) pictured above.

I found this set of 4 guitar ornaments on for only $4.69 + shipping. Not too shabby. And since my fiance is a guitar teacher, he's got lots of picks laying around the house. I just need to head to the local floral supply shop and pick up floral wire and tape. A spool of bargain ribbon at Target runs $1.00. Wouldn't you agree that boutonierres for about $2 a piece is pretty sweet?

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hifiweddings said...

HAH! this is so cute! :)

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