Monday, September 21, 2009

A Parisian Bridal Shower

Here's how the bridal shower I threw for my sister turned out. I was quite pleased and we placed huge fuchsia paper pom-poms all over the room and even pinned some to the (conveniently) cork board wall. By the way, I actually spent $4 on the flowers instead of $10 as I previously budgeted -- I bought potted mums (fuchsia) instead of cut flowers and placed them in pink flower pots.

GRAND TOTAL = $64.74 or $3.24 pp

{All photos by Vera D.}

I also created a scrapbook for my sister's bridal shower gift and I had the attendees complete a "Dear bride" letter I downloaded from 100 Layer Cake. I used scallop-edged scrapbooking scissors and chose the navy-pink motif (there are 4 colors to choose from). My sister said it looked like "Parisian" stationary! Download the free template here.

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