Monday, February 1, 2010

How it turned out

Wow, dinner last night was wild and fantastic. The menu was delicious and included parsnip and meyer lemon soup with pickled and crispy ginger; vanilla butter poached black cod with Oregon black truffle on a celery root puree; and smoked wine poached egg with crispy pork belly. The chef -- Peter Jackson --behind this fabulous dinner is also going to cook for my and Guitar Fred's wedding.

Our dinner was filmed for the Fine Living Network's new show, Extreme Dining (the episode will air on April 10). We hosted dinner at my friends' (Karman and Bjorn) beautiful mid-modern century chic house in San Francisco. I paired the IKEA Petronella fabric (already hemmed) with teal blue Salong vases and Blomster vases with green mums. For the menus, I used a Martha Stewart paper puncher on the top and bottom margins and slid them into black cloth napkins. Here's the before and after look:


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Bicoastal Bride said...

It looks like it was fun and classy! Congrats!

Cupcake Wedding said...

Look at you girl. Simply fab.

Meg said...

The party looks awesome. How fun that you have it filmed--that's great.

Beth said...

What a fun surprise! Looks like you guys had a blast enjoying wines.

Vera D. said...

Thanks, everyone! It was such a real treat. If any of you are ever in SF, let me know. We do these dinners once a month in a different space, with different diners, musicians and menus every time. :)

Genevieve said...

Looks great!

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