Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wedding Destination: Mendocino

Guitar Fred and I have never been -- together -- to Mendocino, a coastal town 3 hours north of San Francisco, so we're excited to get away from the kiddies (Munch, our dog, and Speedy, our cat) for a couple nights. We only booked our lodging last week and we were pleasantly surprised to find a room with ocean view, fireplace, refrigerator and large deck for only $120/night at the Sweetwater Inn. There are public and private hot tubs and massage therapy also on-site.

Mendocino is a popular destination for weddings. It offers fantastic coastal views of the Pacific Ocean, hiking in the fern canyon and pgymy forest of Van Damme State Park (no relation to Jean Claude), whale watching and wine tasting. I'm inclined to go horseback riding on the beach (the photo shows riders galloping with huge grins on their faces, but a Yelp review said the pace was more like pony ride at the county fair). Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to our Valentine's Day couples massage and lunch at the highly rated Cafe Beaujolais. 

Enjoy the long 3-day weekend and here are some photos of a Mendocino wedding photographed by J. Perlman and R. Lutge of San Francisco:

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Meg said...

What a wonderful trip. I hope you guys had a fantastic time.

Those pictures are stunning.

peterpascoe25 said...

Try going to

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