Monday, February 8, 2010


I spent the last two days in the Marin Headlands, just outside of Sausalito (the town we're getting married in), for a board retreat. Not only did I reconnect with the great outdoors, I was able to re-energize my excitement for our venue. Guitar Fred and I had been somewhat stressing and tossing around the idea of changing our venue because of the restrictions on photography and amplified music. Fortunately, we recently learned we can indeed have an iPod plugged into the venue's sound system to provide music while our band is on break. We also found an Oakland-based Episcopalian minister who will allow photography during our ceremony, so we can still get married at the Christchurch in Sausalito -- just not with the resident minister who restricts photography when he's presiding over the ceremony himself.

Both Saturday and Sunday's weather permitted spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, the coast line and the Golden Gate Bridge. Hiking along the coast and exploring the old gun batteries in the Headlands reminded me of the many awe-inspiring activities our family and friends will be able enjoy the weekend we're getting married. 

I envision having our rehearsal "dinner" to be a picnic on one of these bluffs overlooking the ocean and we're going to start researching potential caterers who can make it happen on our budget. We called Guitar Fred's mom yesterday and encouraged her to book accommodations at the Marin Headlands hostel, just a quarter-mile from these beautiful vistas (all photos by me):


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redwhitebride said...

great pics, vera! happy re-energizing! :)

The Budget Bride said...

Gorgeous photos!

rachel said...

That's absolutely beautiful! I'm sure your wedding will be gorgeous!

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