Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wedding planning made easier?

I just started a new job that is based 99% in the online world, so I admit I'm a little burnt out on blogging. Nonetheless, I'm getting back into the saddle and decided to share with you a handy guide to online wedding guides and resources available to us online. I've been using a combination of Yelp, Craigslist and Project Wedding for finding local vendors and items for sale. As I've conducted these searches, I have discovered hundreds of fabulous sites. I appreciate Emily Chang's initiative in organizing and providing an overview of the many top sites: wedding websites, wedding planning, wedding resources of non-mainstream, wedding registry and sites for wedding fun. Her guide surely makes wedding planning made easier.

Finally, one plug for Yelp. I've used it lately to read reviews of vendors who are based near my venue. I figure I could probably get away with paying less travel fees if I didn't have to have my makeup artist come from San Francisco or San Jose and instead come to me in Sausalito from Mill Valley. And even better, many of the vendors are offering discounts! Use Yelp with caution (i.e., the East Bay Express breaking news on allegations of extortion) -- it's wise to reserve a bit of skepticism.

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