Thursday, November 19, 2009

Breaking news! iDIY contest

Paper's been on my mind today. I just got our kraft paper envelopes for our Save-the-dates from, and I'm meeting up with Judith of Paper Sweet later tonight. And just 30 minutes ago, I got an email from an old colleague, Bethany, congratulating me on winning the iDIY Letterpress Combo Giveaway. Whoa. What? There were 1,560 entries and I won? Crazy.

My friend, Evan, teased me that I'm the girl who's going to win her whole life. I guess I better buy some lotto tickets. Apparently, My $10,000 Wedding could potentially turn into my $10,000,000 wedding with my strange luck.

{{Doing the happy dance}}

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Tenille said...

congrats! amazing win, and can't wait to see what you do with it!

Bethany said...

hahahahaa congrats vera! :) i'm rss'ed to your blog & reading some of your old entries. CONGRATS!!! one of my co-workers booked a 10-10-10 wedding too, lol. and i'm a HUGE jerry fan- he's shot at least 7? 8? of my friends in the past few years.

Vera D. said...

I'm so happy to hear from you, Bethany! I hope you've been doing well since our Anthem days. Hope to see you around...I work in Berkeley now.

redwhitebride said...

wow.. congrats! you are soooo lucky! in contrast, i never won any contest (wedding related) :( i'm at a point when i don't even to enter any contests anymore hahahahahaha!

Vera D. said...

RWB - you should still try, especially on the blogs without a lot of entries... :)

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