Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two for Two Cakes: Part 1

We've started our search for our wedding cake and our ideal price point is $8 and under. Alison O. of Two for Two Cakes is a wedding vendor we found via Yelp and I'm totally excited to meet her at our tasting on December 6. The three cakes we're sampling from her menu of 9 signature flavors are the Aunt Chickie's Red Velvet (Red Velvet with Cinnamon & Cocoa, Toasted Pecans and Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting), Bea's Banana (Banana Cake, Heath Bar Toffee Bits, Vanilla or Chocolate Buttercream) and German Chocolate (Fudgy Chocolate Cake, Coconut-Pecan Custard, Dark Chocolate Ganache).

I asked her to share a little bit about herself and she was happy to oblige. (P.S. You can follow her on Twitter @242cakes.) I'll also share a recent Two for Two Cake creation later this week! Stay tuned.

1) How did you get started?  
I started Two for Two Cakes while I was in culinary school because I realized that what I truly loved about baking was that when I did it, I always felt like I was making something for someone else and it was going to make them happy. It was a very different feeling than when I cooked. And a wedding is the ultimate expression of happiness so I was really drawn to creating them for others. The creative outlet was something that I have always needed in my life and this business allows me to express that energy.  

2) What do you love most about making wedding cakes?
Two Things: I love meeting couples, learning about them and coming up with a cake design to reflect their personalities and their reception. Having spent years working in education and with families, I really do value making personal connections.  Weddings, by nature, are very personal so getting to know the couple and allowing them to get to know me is a highlight. My favorite part of the actual cake creation is when the cake is "naked" or unadorned and I get to sit down and put the final touches on it and see it become what I had envisioned it would be.  

3) What's your fave part (or moment) about weddings? 

 I love to see how all the elements come together: the flowers, the room, lighting, fabrics.  Setting that cake up on the table and stepping back to look at it is incredible.  

4) Sky's the limit, what would be your dream creation?
My dream is to have creative control over an entire cake table. There would be a couple of tiered cakes, different from one another, but complimentary. There would be mini cupcakes and French macarons, candies and pastries, flowers and petit fours, all displayed on beautiful vintage glassware. Very fanciful, very whimsical.  

5) What sets you apart from others? 

I believe strongly that what I am creating is food. Both taste and design are equally important in making a wedding cake, or any other type of special occasion cake.  For this reason, I make sure that our cakes are made using only high quality ingredients and organic fruits, never frozen, and made with only pure butter (no shortening). But what really sets us apart is customer service. Since we are small and I am hands on in every aspect, I really believe in ensuring that clients are heard and that their vision is realized, and that they can call, email, or text me directly with any questions or concerns they have.  I meet with customers for additional consultations and tastings to ensure they get exactly what they want. And I offer resources when they are having trouble finding vendors for other aspects of their event.  

{Above: Wedding cakes from Two for Two Cakes - San Francisco}

 {Special occasion cake from Two for Two Cakes - San Francisco


{Special occasion cake (remember Steel Magnolias) from Two for Two Cakes - San Francisco}

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