Friday, November 6, 2009

Diamonds are (not the only ones) "forever"

Last April, my honey proposed to me at Disneyland with a modern diamond solitaire "for now." We finally got my "forever" ring tonight and it's not a diamond! 

You might remember I reported on Turtle Love Committee as an alternative for the traditional diamond solitaire. Their philosophy is "We think that the decision to spend a lifetime together should be about love and commitment, not about expensive cookie-cutter jewelry." 

Keeping that in mind, we were excited to find my vintage style ring (a 4-karat cushion cut amethyst set in rose gold encrusted with diamonds) at a local jeweler's. And it's only 1/20 of our budget. Woo hoo!

When you were picking out rings, did you ever consider anything other than a diamond (e.g. sapphire)?

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Tenille said...

I have a sapphire, but that was what I truly, truly wanted. We got together in September, and will be getting married in September, so a sapphire had special meaning to me.

Vera D. said...

Tenille, thanks for sharing! Sapphires are beautiful and I believe even Princess Di had a sapphire as her engagement ring. As long as it's meaningful to the couple, that's what is important!

Jennifer said...

it looks super gorgeous!!! is forever ring the one @ the ceremony, like the wedding band? bling bling girrrrrl!!

Love Your Way said...

absolutely beautiful! we looked into yellow diamonds...but who would have thought it was MORE expensive than a white one. C'mon!

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