Saturday, November 14, 2009

Inspiration #44: Peacock + Succulents

As part of my requests for floral design, I've been asking the designer to incorporate succulents, coleus/foliage (like kale) and peacock feathers in the design. And then I stumbled across the Mason Jar Bride's wedding on Wiley Valentine, and again on Jessi Haack 's blog, where my vision has been brought to life. I hope my designers come up with a fresh twist on this. It's so lovely! :)

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birthday girl said...

love the top one vera! its so pretty and unique- especially with the peacock feathers.

Anonymous said...

I do love Peacock feathers. And I do love succulents. The two together is too pretty.

beth alyse said...

oh my God! breathless over the succulents and peacock feathers bouquet. my mom and i are gaping at it in amazement...stunning!

Vera D. said...

Thanks, Beth Alyse. I totally swooned too!

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