Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Inspiration #46: Giving Thanks

I had brunch with a couple friends over the weekend who told me the best wedding they'd ever attended was not the $1-million dollar wedding but the $1-Dollar Store wedding. Why?

The bride and groom expressed gratitude and radiated authenticity and sincerity!

Friends and family flocked to the seaside to witness this couple's vows, and then partied at a nearby ranch (fulfilling this Indian groom's childhood dreams of being a cowboy). True, they ate off of paper plates with plastic utensils and the decor was minimal. They had a friend cook, not a fancy caterer. However, what set this wedding apart was their commitment to their heritage (South Asian and Eastern European). And more importantly, the bride and groom personally walked up to each and every guest and thanked them from the heart -- not the usual let's take a photo and move on. My friends were touched and honored to be part of something so intimate and meaningful.

I know we brides can get caught up with the details -- what color are my linens, are my bridesmaids getting the same hair and makeup, did we hire the right caterer, etc? But, as always, let's not forget why we're doing this in the first place -- to share and celebrate the commitment of our union to our significant other with our friends and family.

This Thanksgiving, let's remember to practice the principle of this holiday each and every day! Be true to yourself and always remember to give thanks without expecting anything in return.

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Karen {Serving 39 to Wife} said...

What a great post, Vera. Thankfulness and gratitude have to be taught and practiced...THANK YOU for sharing.

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