Saturday, January 16, 2010

Destination or staycation?

So, will it be Barcelona or Kauai?

Guitar Fred and I have been staycationing a lot. While most people have their 3-day weekends planned in South Lake Tahoe two-hours away or down south in Los Angeles, we have been sticking around the San Francisco Bay Area to save money. It's apt that this 3-day weekend, Guitar Fred and I are meeting with a travel agent (and former grad school alum) -- Guisselle Nunez -- of Mundi Travel to start planning our honeymoon, especially since we're setting up a "honeyfund" as our registry.

I've been dreaming about honeymooning in Southern Spain, especially Barcelona, and Fred is excited too (especially since he's a Spanish and flamenco guitarist). However, my best friend just got back from a week in Hawaii. I haven't been since I was 2-years old and I don't think that counts. Fred's never been to Hawaii and since it's much closer, we might get more bang for our buck staying domestic. 

So that's where Guisselle comes in. I know we could book our travel on our own with the plethora of travel sites, like Expedia, Orbitz, etc. but I don't want to leave my travel to the hands of an impersonal automated system especially when I'm too busy entertaining our families and friends in the days before the wedding.

Guisselle sent us these questions to start. How would you answer these? (I'll answer them in a few, gotta run to our appointment now!)

  1. What kind of trip experience do you seek, relaxation, active, etc?
  2. What is your idea of romance, relaxation?   
  3. Is there a destination you already have in mind? 
  4. What kind of sightseeing are you interested in? 

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Cupcake Wedding said...

Spanish musician= dream guy

I love Barcelona, but it is a city, not a relazing kind of place. Food, culture and art is AMAZING, though.

The Budget Bride said...

I spent a summer in Malaga, Spain. That region is much more relaxed and laid back than the north. Haven't been to Barcelona, though, but it sounds romantic! The honey and I are going to Kauai. It sounds like the more affordable option for us since our wedding budget includes the honeymoon. We definitely wanted somewhere tropical with great food. Hawaii is just the place!

Ghenet said...

I spent a year studying abroad in Madrid Spain and I LOVED it. In terms of Southern Spain, Seville would be a wonderful place to honeymoon. There's plenty to do and see but it's not as busy as Barcelona (which is actually northern Spain). I've never been to Hawaii but would love to some day!

Vera D. said...

Thanks for the great suggestions, ladies! Our travel agent agreed that Seville would be a wonderful honeymoon spot with plenty of live music. Hawaii is the leading option given our budget.

Genevieve said...

My fiance's parents went to Barcelona last year. They loved it but it doesn't sound very relaxing. On the other hand, my dad's girlfriend visits Europe a lot and says the best time to go is in the fall.

I went to Kauai last year in January! It was so beautiful and relaxing! I don't know if you would see any whales in the fall though. Let me know if you want to see all of my Kauai photos (there are hundreds).

You have a hard choice!

Bicoastal Bride said...

We’re actually doing a Hawaiian cruise in June, but are then planning to possibly go to Barcelona in August, since we just found out our family friends are gifting us with a trip! Given the choice between the two, I would pick Hawaii, though. I think it’s the ultimate romantic honeymoon spot.

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