Saturday, January 23, 2010

Help me design an "extreme" tablescape

I have a dilemma. Next Sunday, I'm hosting a dinner party that's going to be filmed for TV. For this special occasion, I'm feeling pressured to come up with something over-the-top, which goes against my usual down-to-earth sensibility (as seen above in a Moroccan themed party). Right now, all I've got to use are Fiesta ware, vintage linens, and yellow lanterns.

I don't know if the "goldfish-in-a-vase" will cut it (plus, who takes them home afterwards?!). What about flowers frozen in Jell-o? Or flowers covered by water goblets? Pushing daisies?

or maybe, I should just stick to something pretty like the one by David Stark below.

What's the most unusual centerpiece you've seen?

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Anonymous said...

Not a fan of "shock" centerpieces. Pretty. Give me pretty. I would love to see terraniums. Lots of moss. Little ceramic doo dads. Mercury glass candle holders.

Yasmine said...

What shape are your tables? Round or Rectangular? If rectangular I suggest the following:
A large knarly branch with lots of shape for visual interest ( you could cover with moss for a more earthy feel). at the base you could use very simple glass votive tea light candle holders with the bloom of one cymbidium orchid in each, juxtaposed by candles for ambient lighting.(I found a great deal at the SF flower market for a huge bunch of cymbidiums that only cost me 15 dollars.) Hope this was helpful.

Vera D. said...

Thanks, gals! I was kicking around this idea too: or

Yasmine said...

Loved the links you posted. Both are great options. I think the second one might be a bit easier to achieve as you wont need as many knick-knacks. Love the soothing yet chic atmosphere that the "Green Scheme" created.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I have that same pic of the flowers covered by goblets but that jello thing is just the coolest!

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