Monday, January 25, 2010

Eat my garter

I was at a dinner party yesterday night and the subject of edible panties came up (don't ask me how). And then everyone thought it'd be a great idea if I wore an edible garter at the wedding reception. Haha, funny guys. 
I didn't think such things existed, but oh yes they do.

Personally, this one (from is more my style.

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Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

That one from Etsy is super cute and OMG I so want that candy garter! I was going to buy candy bras for my bridesmaids for our bachelorette party so maybe I'll throw in the garters, too! :)

Giovanna said...

candy garter, please! that's awesome!

Ruthy G. said...

I just ordered my garter...but I think i want that candy one! At least that one has some purpose! :)

Just came across your blog btw...i love it!

Vera D. said...

Thanks, Ruthy G! :)

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